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"Mon Coeur s'ouvre à ta voix" Samson et Dalila - C. Saint-Saëns - Trondheim Symphony Orchesra
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"Habanera" Carmen - G. Bizet - Karlstad Orkesterförening
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"Morgen!" R. Strauss - Astrid Nordstad and Viktor Stenhjem at the Trondheim Chamber Festival
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"Blicke mir nicht in die Lieder" Rückert-lieder - G. Mahler - Danish Chamber Orchestra
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Shéhérazade  Maurice Ravel - Astrid Nordstad
Astrid Nordstad

Shéhérazade Maurice Ravel - Astrid Nordstad

The song cycle Shéhérazade by Maurice Ravel. Live recording from the concert "Franske klanger" with Trondheim Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Marc Soustrot, on the 17th of February 2022. Recorded by NRK Klassisk. Soloist Astrid Nordstad The cycle consist of three songs: Asie, La flûte enchantée and L'indifférent. I. Asia Asia, Asia, Asia, Ancient wonderland of fairy tales, Where fantasy sleeps Like Astrid Nordstad empress In her mystery-filled forest, Asia, I long to set sail with the schooner Which rocks this evening in the harbour, Mysterious and solitary And which spreads at last its violet sails Like a huge night-bird in the golden sky. I long to set sail for isles of flowers As I listen to the song of the wayward sea With its old bewitching rhythm; I long to see Damascus and the cities of Persia With their airy minarets; I long to see beautiful silken turbans Above black faces with white teeth; I long to see eyes dark with love And pupils sparkling with joy Sunk in skins as yellow as oranges; I long to see velvet raiments And long-fringed robes; I long to see calumets in mouths Fringed about with white beards; I long to see grasping merchants with shifty looks, And cadis and viziers Who with a single crook of the finger Dispense life or death on a whim. I long to see Persia, and India, and then China, Portly mandarins beneath their sunshades, And princesses with delicate hands, And learned men disputing About poetry and beauty; I long to linger in enchanted places, And like a foreign traveller Gaze at leisure on landscapes painted On fabrics in pinewood frames, With a figure in the midst of Astrid Nord I long to see assassins smiling, As the executioner cuts off an innocent head With his great curved Oriental scimitar; I long to see beggars and queens; I long to see roses and blood; I long to see death for love or else for hate, And the to return later And recount my adventures to those intrigued by dreams, While raising like Sinbad My old Arabian pipe From time to time to my lips, Artfully to interrupt the tale...stad orchard; II. The enchanted flute The shade is soft and my master sleeps, A cone-shaped silken cap on his head, And his long yellow nose in his white beard. But I am still awake, Listening to the song Of a flute outside that pours forth Sadness and joy in turn, A tune now languorous now lively, Which my dear lover plays. And when I draw near the casement, Each note seems to fly From the flute to my cheek Like a mysterious kiss. III. The indifferent one Your eyes are soft like girl's, Young stranger, And the delicate curve Of your handsome down-shaded face Is still more attractively shaped. Your lips sing At my door An unknown charming tongue, Like music off-pitch; Enter! And let my wine refresh you... But no, you pass by And I see you leaving my threshold, Gracefully waving farewell, Your hips lightly swaying In your languid feminine way. English Translation © Richard Stokes
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